Bookerator makes it easy to increase your rental bookings

If you’re an owner of a holiday rental looking for ways to boost your sales and increase your property exposure without any tedious, expensive, and time consuming processes – Bookerator has the perfect solution for your unique needs!


All you need to do is register with Bookerator and select which booking platforms you want your listing to appear on. It takes less than a minute – and the result will be having your property listed on all major booking websites, as well as having all of the booking requests available for you in one place.


All of the calendars are updated automatically, in real time. No more tedious manual editing and selection.


Whatever edits and changes you want to make to your listing, whether it’s the price, photo, text or calendar dates – you can do it all by simply logging in to your Bookerator dashboard, making the changes, and sitting back. Bookerator will update your listing and all of the changes will be automatically synchronized throughout all of the booking websites.

How to settle payments with selected booking sites

Major global booking websites generally offer two models of enrolment: pay-per-booking and subscription. Bookerator cares about making
the booking process as effective and easy as possible, so we have made a small guide showing you how to complete this process as quick as you can.


Most of the booking platforms work with this model. There are no upfront costs or fees for listing. You give a commission to the booking website solely when a successful booking has been made. It is important to note that Bookerator does not charge any extra commissions. You'll only owe the percentage set by the booking websites.


Some of the booking websites such as HomeAway, TripAdvisor, also offer a monthly (or annual) subscription, and may provide you with several ranking options which cost extra. They, however, don't charge any commission for individual bookings. Bookerator offers these subscriptions with an attractive discount.

Own Website

Bookings received through your own website are of course free and do not require commission payments.

Bookerator services

Bookerator's basic subscription will always stay free. With our Basic Plan you are able to register one property with most of our services included. The limit is 3 booking requests per month that you can respond to. If you have more than that, or you require more advanced features - we offer several premium services.


Property managers or owners of multiple properties can choose for our multi-property registration, offering unlimited access to all our services. Your own multi-property website equipped with search options is included.


Our premium subscription will provide you with an unlimited use of all our services and premium features. We are proud to deliver the highest quality services at the most competitive prices online.

Our Features


Channel Manager

In the Bookerator Channel Manager you select the booking sites where your holiday rental will appear. Currently we are connected to more than 100 booking sites and are adding more every month.


Calendar Synchronization

Changes in your availability calendar are synchronized real-time with all your booking sites: no hassle and no more double bookings. Even changes in property details and pricing are synchronized automatically. Register your rental in just one place and we take care of the rest.


Professional Website

We will provide you with a professional website for your property. You can choose from numerous templates, mobile and SEO optimized. Visitors can book your accommodation directly through your own website and you will avoid paying any commissions. (premium only)



No need to place rental property on numerous websites yourself - Bookerator does that for you. Just register with us and we take care of the rest. Changes in texts, photos, pricing and of course calendar changes... we distribute and synchronize everything while you never have to leave the Bookerator dashboard.



If you manage multiple properties they can be listed and managed in one place. On your own multiple-property website all your properties are listed in one overview for easy visiting. (premium only)



Bookerator supports multiple languages for selected booking sites and for your own website.

FAQ – Features

All of the features! The only limit is that you can answer to only 3 booking requests per month - which is usually more than enough for starters. If you need to expand the scope of your services, you can always get one of our premium packages

Instead of you being forced to make individual bookings and lose large amounts of your time, Bookerator bypasses that process by enabling you to place your accommodation on all major booking websites within a click of your mouse! This will increase your conversions, exposure and bookings tremendously while saving you time, and ultimately, money.

You are able to see all of your booking requests in your dashboard. If you decide that you want to respond to additional requests, you can always expand your business with a premium subscription with additional features!

We will place your rental advert on dozens of bookings sites which will increase your exposure. As you will get many more booking requests, you can charge higher rates and still be fully booked.

If you don't respond within a 24 hour time frame we will consider that the booking is denied.

With a premium subscription you can respond to an unlimited number of booking requests. And you can have your own professional booking site.

Of course, you can use our iCal solution to sync your calendar.

We don't have an own booking site nor are we one. We merely distribute your holiday rentals to the booking sites of your choice and make sure you receive all bookings made on these sites.

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